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2016 Private Stash Pinot Noir

2016 Private Stash Pinot Noir

Exclusive library release, perfect for the holidays.


ROCO’s premier Pinot Noir, Private Stash is a numbered series of small production Pinot Noir sourced from a 2-acre plot on the Soles’ private 21-acre vineyard. This complex Pinot offers layer upon layer of intense, silky, full-bodied flavor that is elegantly balanced. Derived from Rollin’s special clonal propagation, 3A, otherwise called “the ROCO selection” these vines produce smaller than normal clusters of tightly packed berries. We hold that this wine will stand shoulder to shoulder with the finest Pinot Noirs from around the globe. 


ROCO Pinot Noir is handpicked and then chilled overnight to 38°F in our large cold room. The chilled bunches are gently de-stalked and the whole berries fall into small 1.6 ton open fermenters. The berries soak for ten days before beginning ferment with our proprietary, house-cultured indigenous wine yeast. Soaking allows gentle extraction of color and flavor from the berry skin, and not the bitter-tasting seeds. The fermentations are hand punched twice a day to mix skins and fermenting juices. Ferments are allowed to reach about 28°C. A post-fermentation soak occurs until the wine is just right for removing from the skins and seeds. At that time the ferment is gently pressed in our modern tank press. The young wine is sent to barrel for malolactic fermentation to soften the acidity and to add further complexity, then racked once to a unique ratio of new to three-year-old, tight-grained, French oak barrels. The wines are aged in barrel for 18 or more months before bottling.


The 2016 growing season began with a cool, wet spring, causing sporadic poor fruit set in some areas. Despite high heat spikes in May and early June, warm, sunny weather throughout the summer spurred growth. Around August 17th, a cold, wet front revitalized the vines. This led to a splendid fall harvest with growers and winemakers enjoying a steady pace of picking perfectly ripe grapes. The resulting wines are robust while retaining ROCO's youthful juiciness.


"The aromas virtually leap out of the glass with robust black cassis fruit, cinnamon stick, seasoned oak, and vanilla spice. The flavor is RICH all the way through! Beautiful stony tannins frame huge flavor depth that doesn’t let up. Perfect balance of fruit, natural tannins, spices, and earthiness. This Private Stash truly defines “voluptuous” with a capital “V”. - Rollin Soles, Winemaker

93 Wine Enthusiast (Cellar Select)

92 Wine Spectator


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